Our Story


Once upon a time… two mums decided they were tired of squeezing through local cafes and restaurants with bulky buggies, in a desperate search for the table in the corner away from all the other customers. The two mums craved a space to socialise where children were always welcome, where no one would bat an eyelid at a tantrum, or the mention of a nappy change. A safe space for their children to roam, free of easy reach snacks, sharp corners and staircases. A space that not only entertained their children but satisfied their own needs as adults with high expectations. The space had to be easy to get to, the perfect location to drop in to, no planning required and most importantly, it had to have GREAT coffee… The Parent Hood was born.

Caring for young children is one of the most life changing experiences people go through and we are filled with respect for everyone doing it. We want to bring a dose of positivity to our customers’ day whilst acknowledging the fact they probably didn’t sleep last night. We get it… we probably didn’t either! We’ve got you covered, there is always a way to keep little-ones entertained at The Parent Hood so you can have a guilt-free break. Whether it’s a fitness class, educational drop-in or just a coffee, you and your children are part of who we are and you are always welcome at The Parent Hood.